Simon Tolzmann

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I'm a 16-year-old young birder/naturalist in Chicago, IL. I have an intense love for the state of Illinois and its wildlife. Whether it's driving hours to chase a rare bird, going to the same place over and over to find salamanders, or going to remote forest preserves closer to home just to explore, I want to get as much as I can out of this great state.

I've been obsessed with nature for nearly my whole life. When I was only two years old I turned on the TV to a PBS documentary about Cuttlefish and I wanted to go to the library and find Cuttlefish books. In the next years, I would form connections with scientists at the Field Museum of Natural History in the Paleontology department, which have led to some amazing experiences. Then in 2016, I began birding and it has consumed me every single day since then. I eat, sleep and breathe birds, and lately, I've gotten super into just iNatting everything to get a better grasp of what else I can find around me.

I put a lot of "?" in my observations when I'm unsure of ID's, so if you're going through and IDing my things and see something outrageous, I'm not just clicking random things and hoping it's right.

If you have any questions for me regarding an observation feel free to message me, and if you need help with an ID in the Cook County area, or really anywhere in the Western Hemisphere of a bird, snake, salamander, or butterfly, feel free to tag me!

eBird profile:
Instagram: @brdnrdr

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