Cecil Smith

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I'm a recent graduate from Penn State University, with a B.S. in Biology (Ecology focus). I have an interest in insects with specialized host interactions- like gallers, leafminers, and parasitoids- as well as a general affinity for the understudied and underappreciated, and an interest in the complex ecological web that makes up the entire world. Currently, I am working with @lousinastasi on a project looking at the parasitoids of herb gall wasps on Silphium plants- particularly, describing the various Eurytoma species.

I helped develop a Pocket Field Guide to Common Leafminer Species in PA, which should be applicable throughout much of northeastern North America as well: https://scholarsphere.psu.edu/resources/e3be10f1-93ac-49fc-9b0d-9cf5dfcd82ea

I'm always looking to learn more about identifying all kinds of insects, as well as just about anything else that catches my attention. I've accumulated a lot of general knowledge in the few years since I joined iNaturalist, but there's always infinitely more to learn!

I've been working on going through unsorted hymenopteran observations, trying to strengthen my knowledge and salvage observations that can get IDed further. Due to the high volume of observations I've been going through, sometimes I make mistakes, though I'm trying to be careful about it. I diligently check my notifications, but if I missed something, feel free to ping me.

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