Helen A. Czech

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I'm a field biologist, and have worked with a wide variety of taxa. I'm currently performing isolated ecosystems surveys (vernal pools, glades, barrens, springs etc.) around North Alabama, and also working on the Paint Rock (Valley) Forest Dynamics Plot as a Field Dendrologist. Before that research focused on streams in the Bankhead National Forest. I've also worked with amphibians and reptiles, freshwater fish, benthic macros, and small mammals in N AL on the Cumberland Plateau and the Flint River watershed. Additionally, my job includes exposing students to hands-on research, field work, ecology, and prescribed fire.

I'm a latecomer to iNat (2018), but I've been taking pictures for years, hoarding them on my computer, and wondering what to do with them. iNaturalist has turned out to be a great way for me to share these observations while also helping to contribute to biodiversity, distribution, and behavioral data. It's also a great place to learn about unfamiliar taxa and explore the world.

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