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Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Floyd, and I am a high school student with interests in ecology, biology, and environmental science. I mainly photograph birds, insects, and plants, but I also enjoy seeing organisms such as amphibians, reptiles, and fungi. Birds are what initially interested me; however, that love and passion for nature and science recently expanded to insects (especially) and plants. Some of my favorite insect species from this year include: a Festive Tiger Beetle, an Ornate Checkered Beetle, and a Viceroy butterfly.

I am also tremendously fascinated by the ocean and various fields of marine science. From a young age, I have always been captivated by the ocean; when I was quite young, I had the opportunity to go on a pelagic boat trip off the coast of California, where we got marvelous views of animals including Pacific Gray Whales and Black-footed Albatrosses. Of course, I was too young to remember much of this, but I do remember being incredibly curious about the entire experience. Being from Colorado, I, obviously do not get to see the ocean unless I go somewhere on a trip. I have taken up annotating various field guides to marine mammals, birds, and fish, as well as watching several documentaries. I hope to learn more about coral and marine plants soon, too!

The etymology behind scientific names of various organisms intrigues me, and recently, I have begun learning about the meanings and references related to the scientific names of bird species. I have a helpful book for this, titled "Words for Birds: A Lexicon of North America" by Edward S. Gruson. It provides detailed, yet concise explanations and background information regarding the genus and specific name.

In addition to adding my observations here on iNaturalist, I also share my favorite photos over on Instagram- I have the same username as on iNaturalist; @hannahfloyd_naturalist (https://www.instagram.com/hannahfloyd_naturalist/?hl=en). Also, feel free to tag me in any bird observations in the Southern Rocky Mountains region; I'd be happy to help!

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