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Birder 1st. 3/18/23 I received The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania's "The Bluebirder of the Year Award" - their most prestigious award, given to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding long-term commitment (not just during the past year) to the success of Bluebirds & other native cavity-nesting birds. I'm holding the award in my profile picture. 5/8/23 I received the "2023 Award For Sustainable Conservation By An Individual" from the Bartramian Audubon Society.

I'm the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania's Mercer County Coordinator (2022- ) & previous Facebook Co-Admin (2022-2023); member of the Audubon Society & (local) Bartramian Audubon Society; received a $500 Grant in 2017 for a Bluebird Trail from; & member of the Buhl Park Wildlife Committee, Hermitage, PA - where I started & still monitor/manage a 35-box Bluebird Trail. I also have a 10-box Bluebird Trail on my property I've monitored for 19+ years which is a Certified Bird Habitat by Audubon At Home/Audubon PA. I'm a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology where I frequently post my rare bird sightings to their Listserv. I've been watching birds all my life, but seriously birding for 28 years. I've led Bird Walks at Munnell Run Farm in Mercer, PA & lead walks at Buhl Park in Hermitage, PA. I'm the Lead Bluebird monitor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Shenango Lake (Mercer County, PA). I have a degree in Wildlife & Forestry Conservation, an Associates Degree in Business Administration, an Associates Degree in Information Processing, and another Associates Degree as a Paralegal. I love: learning as much as I can, history and historical sites, and nature. I have my own Christmas Bird Count routes in Grove City & Pleasantville, PA & have done them from 2018 & continuing, & a Winter Raptor Survey route in Forest County I started in 2020. On eBird, I'm currently #1 in Mercer & Forest Counties, PA. I'm happiest in the mountains (birding & hiking). My love of birds started as a very young girl sitting on my Gram's porch watching all the colorful birds in her large Spruce. My love of nature probably started when I was a toddler in my other Gram's garden - or watching my dad germinate seeds. As of 1/16/23, I received a Certificate of Completion from Powdermill Nature Reserve, PA for "Bird Banding-Ageing Birds Via Molt Limits".

My favorite species are Warblers...more specifically Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warbler hybrids (by which I am fascinated!).

I bird by ear a lot! I also paint using watercolors and acrylics.

Please don't hesitate to notify me of any incorrect observation. We are all constantly learning. I love iNat, because it makes me want to get outside and enjoy and discover more!

My eBird page:

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I'm an activist for my beloved birds:

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