Lane E.

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I live in Central Florida and have been a serious birder for 20+ years. I'm an experienced bird surveyor and bander, although not currently active. I'm using iNat to expand my knowledge of other taxa and am very interested in Florida native plants, butterflies, moths, and herps.

I log any living creature I find in my yard (except birds, which I log on eBird) and am working to convert my yard to native plants. I'm always amazed and excited to discover the new insects they attract.

I have been slowly chipping away at birding in all 67 Florida counties and all 50 states. I'm iNatting interesting nature observations I find along the way and am grateful to this community for helping me learn more about the natural world beyond birds.

I have a BA in Political Science from Boston University and work as a nonprofit fundraiser/grant writer. I'm also a board member for Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orlando, Florida.

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