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Biochemist, teacher, birdwatcher, novice native plant enthusiast. Based in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. I'm learning a lot from the folks on this site and their observations.

One year later update: Above is still true. I generally help identify things on this site, but I am not generally an expert. I am an empiricist at heart, and so I usually have to watch/touch/smell a species in real life to start becoming an expert.

Update 2.5 years: Above is still true. By now I consider myself a generalist with developing special interests (such as slime molds; arthropod and fungal plant galls; eventually bryophytes and maybe ascomycota?). With respect to identifications, my developing specialty is "general weird stuff."

I am familiar with many of these and want to/can probably expand my knowledge:

I am familiar with tiny subsets of these and want to/can probably expand my knowledge:
-land-based plants including mosses
-fungi including gall-formers and ascomycetes
-slime molds
-assorted land-based arthropods including gall-formers

I am not very familiar with large swaths of these and may not have good (read: empirical) opportunity to expand my knowledge near term:
-"sea life"
-"freshwater life"
-gastropods in general
-assorted other arthropods
-other microorganisms

Update 3 years:
Above still true, and currently using iNat as a big part of course materials at "LD University" as I progress leisurely in my DIY degree in biology. (My IRL degrees are in chemistry.)

First impression of the field of straight biology is that in the big picture it's all about "successful thermodynamics" (like, how S, H balance can be skewed in one's favor). Biology covers both framework and details of Life's "reduction to practice": the observed successful strategy for skewing things in order to exist. Now, I just have to remember more of those parts at the student level. ;)

If you are similarly interested in DIY education, I highly recommend Saundra McGuire's book for undergrads, . The underlying strategies are fully applicable outside of a formal university setting. Also in the courses I teach IRL, emphasizing spaced practice has been a game-changer and I use it for myself. Example description

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"Citizen Science" publications:

Greene MJ, Kim JS, Seung HS; EyeWirers. Analogous Convergence of Sustained and Transient Inputs in Parallel On and Off Pathways for Retinal Motion Computation. Cell Rep. 2016 Mar 1;14(8):1892-900. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.02.001. Epub 2016 Feb 18. PMID: 26904938; PMCID: PMC6404534.
[as LotteryDiscountz in "the Eyewirers" author consortium]

Kim, J., Greene, M., Zlateski, A. et al. Space–time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina. Nature 509, 331–336 (2014).
[as LotteryDiscountz in "the Eyewirers" author consortium]

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