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Hello, welcome to my profile page! My name is Michael and I live on Long Island, New York.

I've always been interested in nature since I was young, and inaturalist has continued that interest. Its so fascinating to be able to put a name to the organisms we share this planet with, and to work with like-minded individuals to ID all of the species of the world. I like to jump around between different groups with the goal of trying to learn as many as possible, and also like to ID unknown observations.

I don't have any formal training in identifying but have gotten my knowledge from using keys and from experience working with certain groups. If you feel I made a mistake, or want to know more about an ID I have made, please tag me in the observation and I'm more than happy to discuss it or make a correction! I make an effort to look through all the notifications I receive.

All of my fly IDs come from this guide:

My profile picture:

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