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Tucker Plant Systematist and Curator of the Clifton Smith Herbarium at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (

I am a botanist and evolutionary biologist with a focus on the plants of western North America, especially the California Floristic Province. Since arriving to the Garden, I have also developed a strong interest in the California Channel Islands. Collaborators and I are working on book-length floras for Santa Catalina Island (Guilliams, Junak, et al.) and the California Channel Islands (Guilliams, Hasenstab-Lehman, and Junak).

In addition to a regional focus, I am interested in Boraginaceae subtribe Amsinckiinae (especially Plagiobothrys, which was the subject of my Ph.D. work, Amsinckia, Pectocarya, and Harpagonella; see the Amsinckiinae Working Group website:, Montiaceae (especially Calyptridium, Calandrinia, Cistanthe, Lewisia, and Montia), and a smattering of genera not in these families (Dudleya, Hazardia, Dithyrea, Eriodictyon, Potentilla).

I am always interested in hearing about noteworthy observations on the Central Coast and Channel Islands. Feel free to tag me!

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