Ryan O'Dell

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Ryan O'Dell.
Natural Resource Specialist.
Bureau of Land Management.
Central Coast Field Office.
Marina, California.

B.S. Plant Biology. University of California, Davis. 2002.
M.S. Soils and Biogeochemistry. University of California, Davis. 2005.

I am a Natural Resource Specialist (Botany/Soils/Paleontology) with the BLM Central Coast Field Office in Marina, California (since 2007). Our BLM office manages about 300,000 acres of public BLM lands in the South Coast Ranges. I spend most of my field time botanizing in the central Inner South Coast Ranges region. On my free time I botanize everywhere in California, often with my partner Amelia Ryan (iNat "abr"). I am particularly interested in edaphic endemics, annual plant species diversity, and plant species distributions with respect to geology, soil type, topography, and climate. I am especially interested in the plant families Onagraceae (Camissonia), Polemoniaceae (Gilia), annual Brassicaceae (Caulanthus-Streptanthus), and tarweeds in Asteraceae.

Serpentine ecology (CA & OR); serpentine endemics (CA); vertic clay endemics; other extreme edaphic endemics; plants of the Inner South Coast Range; plants of the BLM Clear Creek Management Area (southern San Benito county); plants of the Panoche Hills, Tumey Hills, Griswold Hills, Ciervo Hills, and Monocline Ridge ("San Joaquin Desert"; western Fresno county; including Mojave Desert disjuncts of the region); Endangered plant species recovery - Camissonia benitensis; Monolopia congdonii; Caulanthus californicus.

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