Timur Kalininsky

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Hello everyone!

I am from Riga, Latvia. However, since 2013 I live in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

I've been interested in nature since childhood. From the time I came to Japan and purchased some suitable photo/video equipment, I've gotten even more indulged in the observations of the surrounding world. For a long period of time I've been publishing some of my photos in social networks, but the majority of them stayed behind the scene, hidden in my private archive. Inaturalist became the place where I can share my observations and identify them correctly. Currently I post here both my new observations and materials filmed in past years.

I don’t conduct any targeted research, I just photograph everything that seems interesting to me during my walks. I don't have favorite taxa. I just loved watching wildlife in all its diversity.

I'm not very good at identifying species. I am often overly cautious, and at the same time I occasionally make serious mistakes. Therefore, I am very grateful to all the experts who identify my observations and correct these errors.

I am always open to communication in comments and private messages. Since the main language on iNaturalist is English, I use it for my notes here, but you can also contact me in Russian, Japanese and even Latvian. It’s probably also possible in other languages, but I don’t guarantee an adequate answer.

I hope for fruitful cooperation.

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