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Жузенова Карина / Zhuzenova Karina
Languages (in order of fluency): Русский, English, Deutsch, Қазақша

Hello there! I'm a 16 year old naturalist with an interest in nature photography, many areas of biology, taxonomy & systematics, chemistry and science in general! I love travelling and learning new things along the way. I'm not a professional by any means.

For my observations, I use either my camera (Nikon D5600) or iPhone 6.

(Also, I'm a curator so feel free to ask me questions about the website or ask me to add new taxa)

Aside from that, my other interests are playing video games, working out, art/crafts/writing, and reading.

  • My favorite group of living organisms of all time is Hepaticae (Liverworts), I plan to pursue hepaticology in the future and my goal is to describe at least one new species. I spend a lot of my time on iNaturalist identifying liverworts, especially the leafy ones, so please feel free to mention @w4v in your liverwort observations.
    Favorite leafy liverworts: genus Ptilidium, genus Radula, genus Frullania, genus Leiomitra, subfamily Zoopsidoideae, the entire class Haplomitriopsida
    Favorite simple thalloid liverworts: Blasia pusilla, Pallavicinia lyellii
    Favorite complex thalloid liverworts: maybe Neohodgsonia mirabilis but honestly all of them. Hard to pick.
    The series "The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America, east of the hundredth meridian" by Rudolf M. Schuster motivated me to study liverworts, I recommend these books to everyone who wants to know more about these amazing plants

  • I am also interested in other nonvascular plants (Mosses and Hornworts), primitive vascular plants (especially Horsetails, genus Equisetum), and higher plants in general.
  • Out of animals, my favorite taxon is phylum Arthropoda, and I primarily identify insects such as weevils (superfamily Curculionoidea), other beetles (order Coleoptera), treehoppers (family Membracidae), etc.

I'm interested in every group of organisms that exists or has ever existed though. If it is (or was) alive, I need to know about it!

If you think my ID is incorrect, please politely correct me. Feel free to ask me to explain any of my IDs, and I'll gladly do that!

Sometimes I add identifications to Research Grade observations, simply because I enjoy going through every observation of my favorite taxa. Also, this way I am making sure that Research Grade observations are correctly identified - because that's not always the case. I also add observations to Favorites a lot (it means either that I like the photo, I find it funny, the subject is rare or otherwise interesting to me, or all of the above)

My observations may be used in research with appropriate credit, and if you have any questions regarding them, please send me a private message.

have a nice day :D

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