Wayne Martin Kuraattori

Liittynyt: 13. tammikuuta 2018 Viimeksi aktiivinen: 28. maaliskuuta 2023 iNaturalist Australia

🌟 Specializing in Southern Australian Marine Benthic Flora 🌟

I spend a lot of time producing quality series of observations which include stacked microscopic images showing reproductive features, transverse sections and detailed under water photographs from common and very remote places in Southern Australia. Many of these observations have pressings and barcoded to these iNaturalist observations.

📷 All photos I post are Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 however iNat does compress all images to a ridiculous quality so if there is a particular image/s that interests you then send me a message as it’s likely I will have them backed up to a good quality.

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