CANCELED/ Carolina Anemone Scavenger Hunt BioBlitz

Carolina Anemone Scavenger Hunt BioBlitz
Saturday, March 23rd, 10am – 2pm
Mansfield City Cemetery

Image by @suz Suzette Rogers

The spring flowers are starting to bloom across Texas and we need your help to find and document a not-so-common species of Anemone, Anemone caroliniana, or the Carolina Anemone. The Anemone North Texans might be most familiar with, A. berlandieri, is known by the common names Tenpetal Anemone and Windflower. Both species grow side-by-side and look alike at first glance, so the Carolina Anemone often gets overlooked. In fact, only 5 DFW locations have been documented on iNaturalist!

Come join us on Saturday, March 23rd at 10am at the Mansfield City Cemetery (a documented location) to learn what to look for and participate in a Scavenger Hunt BioBlitz where we will visit other nearby locations looking specifically for the Carolina Anemone. (Bring a sack lunch with you, too!) Afterward, we will be looking for volunteers to visit locations throughout DFW during the spring blooming period to find as many new locations as we can!

For more information, contact @pfau_tarleton or @kimberlietx. And please tag anyone that you think might be interested!

Lähettänyt kimberlietx kimberlietx, 1. helmikuuta 2019 22:54


Sounds fun! I'll be there.

Lähettänyt annikaml yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Ok,, thanks for the tag

Lähettänyt itmndeborah yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Thanks. It's on my calendar.

Lähettänyt cameralenswrangler yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

I'm planning to be there!

Lähettänyt cgritz yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

This semester is crazy busy, but I'll do my best to be there. Found my first anemone of the season yesterday. It was A. berlandieri. :-/

Lähettänyt tadamcochran yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

planning on it!

Lähettänyt cindylcobb5 yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Don't forget! Anemone BioBlitz is this Saturday!! Hope to see a bunch of you there!

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

I will try to swing by after the Grapevine iNat meetup!

Lähettänyt wildcarrot yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Have had it on my calendar since you first planned it. Looking forward to helping out on such an important project. So glad to see the first flowers of spring popping. Saw a bunch in my neighbors yard wish I knew what to go over there and look for.

Lähettänyt brentano yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Hey guys, please don't comment about other events on this post. This one is just for the Anemone BioBlitz. Thanks 😊

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Due to the thunderstorms expected on Saturday, we are rescheduling the Anemone BioBlitz to Saturday, March 23rd at 10am. We hope you will still be able to make it!

In the meantime, if you are out and about, please take a look for Anemones! It's important to get a picture of the identifying characteristics (mainly the stem below the bract) and to check the location in several different places, as they are commonly found together. We have put together an information sheet on the different species in DFW and this visual comparison below. We hope you will still plant to join us for the BioBlitz on March 23rd!

Information Sheet Link:

Comparison Image: (Click image below to see an enlarged version or to select the original high quality image.)

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

I've YET to see A. caroliniana myself in person. Kimberlie's amazing images are the closest I've come. I'm also very jealous of @kimberlietx having been finding them all over the place!

Lähettänyt pfau_tarleton yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Really? I didn't realize you haven't seen one yet. You are in for a treat! We are going to blitz Mansfield and find lots there too!!

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

We've put together a project for the DFW Carolina anemone bioblitz. It includes links to a guide to help distinguish the two species in the area and a map of sandy soils (they are said to inhabit sandy soils whereas A. berlandieri prefers heavier clay or loam soils).

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Unfortunately, we are going to cancel the BioBlitz for this blooming season. I didn't get the memo that mother nature had the sprinklers set to run every Saturday, so we are once again rained out by 90% chance of thunderstorms. Next weekend is predicted to be the same.

Please review the links post for the training information and links to maps of where we are needing searchers to check.

If there is interest, I can arrange a short webinar to talk through the information about identifying Amenones and locations to check. Comment on THIS post if you would like to be notified. It will depend on the number of interested participants.

Thank you to everyone who planned to join us! We will try for the BioBlitz again next year!

Lähettänyt kimberlietx yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)
Lähettänyt brentano yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

The anemone season will be winding down over the next few weeks, so if you want to explore some more, now's the time! Here's a review of what's happened over the past couple of months. It's been pretty remarkable. Prior to January 2019, there were 19 observations of Anemone caroliniana in Texas made by 12 observers at 11 locations. Since January 1, 2019, there have been 74 additional observations by 32 observers at ~40 locations!
Before January 2019:
After January 2019:

DFW Carolina anemone project page:

There have also been several observations from new locations for Anemone okennoni, edwardsiana, and tuberosa.

Great job, folks!

@sambiology, @suz, @bob777, @tadamcochran, @andyk, @dodi, @cwd912nb, @mertmack1, @brentano, @cgritz, @itmndeborah, @jbe_fleischman_fam, @mkc123, @walkingstick2, @wildcarrot, @cindylcobb5, @kenttrulsson, @lbullington24, @lpenn, @annikaml, @butterflies4fun, @djvalkyrie, @naturenut, @cameralenswrangler, @katelyn3, @squaylei2000, @sehnature, @sherylsr, @lovebirder, @lshepstew @csquare @amymonroy

Lähettänyt pfau_tarleton yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

Awesome work, @pfau_tarleton!

Lähettänyt suz yli 3 vuotta sitten (Lippu)

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