Seeking images of Cercopithecus mitis opisthostictus

We are searching for good images of Cercopithecus mitis opisthostictus. Although perhaps the most widespread of the C. mitis subspecies, opisthostictus is among the least known and least photographed subspecies.

Here is a brief description of the poorly understood geographic limits of C. m. opisthostictus:

Primarily southeast Congo Basin, DRC, and upper Zambezi Basin, Zambia. North limit near Lukuga R. and west bank Lualaba R. at c. 6ºN, DRC. East limit L. Tanganyika, DRC, and Chambeshi R.and Lunsemfwa R., east Zambia. South limit c. 14ºS, central Zambia. West limit perhaps Kasai R., southwest DRC, and upper Zambezi R., central east Angola and west Zambia. Approximate center of geographic distribution: Lubumbashi, extreme south DRC.

Any good images of opisthostictus would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Yvonne & Tom

Lähettänyt dejong dejong, 29. kesäkuuta 2019 07:34


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