CoNPS iNaturalist Working Group

Hello CoNPS iNaturalist working group attendees,  
I look forward to working with you this afternoon. Of course, this is the pilot! I hope things go smoothly. :-)I will be in Zoom before the meeting starts to troubleshoot any on-boarding. If you can't get in or need help, call me! 719-314-5177. I don't want to leave anyone hanging.  

Here are the observations I received from you. If you can get yourself settled with these pages open in tabs on your browser, that might be easier than looking at my screen. If you pull it up for yourself, you can make an identification on your own computer when we reach some kind of consensus (ha! that was a botanical joke...) 
Tetraneuris acaulis
Allium brevistylis
Lathyrus lanszwertii
Physocarpus monogynus
Oxytropis sericea

Discussion: which vetch is which? starting with this observation, then look at the "Compare" tool. Let's have a conversation about this in light of what information we gather from Ackerfield and/or Weber.

Same discussion about penstemons: starting with this observation, then look at the "Compare" tool.

The basic concern that drives these discussions is this: Are all of the species iNaturalist is suggesting actually present in Colorado, and then in our ecoregions? This is the kind of information we can get from Ackerfield. Let's try to validate what we see in iNaturalist and flag identifications that are geographically impossible.  I look forward to our meeting!


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