Happy Spring-ish!

4 March 2021

I've seen an uptick in the posting of spider pictures on iNaturalist. It seems like many people are particularly seeing running crab spiders (Philodromus), yellow sac spiders (Cheiracanthium) and Triangle Cobweb Spiders (Steatoda triangulosa). I won't say the warm weather is here to stay, but as we continue to warm up this spring, spiders will become more active and you'll probably see more in your homes as they crawl out of the nooks and crannies they were wintering in and start to seek out their next meal.

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Saw one last night on the bedroom wall. I ran to get my phone and strong glasses and as I approached it, I swear it jumped out of sight! But I suspect it just dropped down, although I couldn't find it. But it's the first one I've seen since cold weather settled in.

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I enjoy reading your posts. They are like informative little pep talks to stir up motivation! Thank you!!

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