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So, over the last few weeks, I have been searching for different kind of species (animals). Now for the next 2 weeks, I am planning on looking for different kinds of plants. I have decided to go on Wednesday to a park near my house called "Edgewood Park". A lot of people have told me that at Edgewood you would probably find a lot of different kind of plants. So, I am going to be driving to Edgewood Park this Wednesday.

Lähettänyt devpanchal devpanchal, 19. syyskuuta 2021 19:23


Hi Dev,

While walking trails at Edgewood keep an eye out for fungi and lichen, which you will need photos of for Lab #7 next week.

Lähettänyt barry_thomson noin 1 vuosi sitten (Lippu)

Yes, actually I have taken photos of some fungi. I am actually planning on going to the park again, and I'll keep my eye around for Lichen.

Lähettänyt devpanchal 12 kuukautta sitten (Lippu)

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