Journal 2 - Genus Cerioporus - Fungi Observation

One of the observations we had made during the lab (on the theme of fungi) was the
Genus Cerioporus, a fungi that has been categorized under the much broader group
of eukaryotes. Splitting further on the phylogenetic tree, it falls under the more specific
class of fungi known as Agaricomycetes. It thrives in moist environments, typically
growing off trees in heavily-forested regions. Recently, it has been discovered that the
species of fungi called Polyporus Squamosus (categorized under the Genus
Cerioporus) has certain chemical characteristics that allow it to be officially classified
as an antioxidant, which gives it a new and critical role in the pharmaceutical and
medical field in general. There are a large range of health benefits associated with
antioxidants that mainly involve disease reduction, when they are taken in moderation;
for example, they are linked to playing a role in lowering the risk of the
cardiovascular disease atherosclerosis.
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