Amanite Flavoconia

Amanite flavoconia is the prototype of the popular representation of mushrooms. This fungus spreads into the air with a tall stalk and a wide symmetrical cap preceded by regular gills and a ring. It is very colorful, common in Canada and reproduces from July to November.
It plays a pivotal role in the food chain as is mycorrhizal, meaning that it fixes nitrogen in a form that plants can use. However, apart from its ecological advantage, it is not directly helpful to humans. It is very toxic to the extent that certain types of amanites can kill someone even if a very small quantity is ingested.

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Lamoureux, Yves (2006). Champignons du Québec, Tome 2 Les Amanites, Cercle des mycologues de Montréal inc., Montréal.
Yves Lamoureux,

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