Leaf venation in Searsia

Leaflet venation

(from Moffett)
In the description of the taxa, the following terms, after Hickey (1973), are used to describe the various forms of pinnate venation of the leaflets:


secondary veins terminating at the margin.

  • Simple: all of the secondary veins and their branches terminating at the margin.
  • Semi-: secondaries branching just within the margin, one of the branches terminating at the margin, the other joining the superadjacent secondary.
  • Mixed: some of the secondaries terminating at the margin and an approximately equal number of (usually inter-vening) secondaries otherwise.


secondary veins not terminating at the margin.

  • Brochidodromous: secondaries joined together in a series of prominent arches.
  • Reticulodromous: secondaries losing their identity towards the leaf margin by repeated branching into a vein reticulum.
  • Kladodromous: secondaries freely ramified toward the margin.


all but the primary vein absent, rudimentary or concealed within the coriaceous mesophyll.

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Oh, you are such a STAR! Thank you Meneer!

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In the vein of horrida, populifolia, longispina, incisa, dissecta and problematodes..... (sensible species names, love 'em)

But oef, the cobwebby venation terminology...
I'm not a fan of this kind of 'botanese' for everyday use and use on iNaturalist. Handy for those in the inner Searsia sanctum, but not succesful in communication to the widest audience. A three-word description would befuddle less, when used at obs comments for example. But I was rather grasped by Craspedodromous.....

? Retake for Craspedodromous:
Grasp - Simple , Semi or Mixed....

for Campto:
Miss - joined, repeat branching, ramified

Could an added Annotation for Venation work for Searsia observations? Could be useful for sorted search on the Taxon page.

Are the iNat Guides still an option? It could cater beautifully for a Searsia species guide. Though I'm not sure if one could import non-obs images in order to illustrate veneation for example. The species illustrations in the Rhus fascicle are user-friendly too.
See Sally's Grasses of Slakplaas guide ans an example: https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/13097

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