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22. syyskuuta 2021

#2 Bioblitz, this Sunday!

240 species, 549 observations! A wonderful day with wonderful people!

Our first bioblitz for Archibald Lake was a fantastic success and we're going to get it going again!

Let's see how many more species and observations we can count, this Sunday, September 26th, at 10am!

The hike this time will follow a path on foot to Rocky Lake and then onward to Archibald Lake, both integral to the St Mary's Watershed. We will walk through this pristine ecosystem, visiting a waterfall and exploring an old growth forest. The path is blazed but the terrain is difficult, please wear appropriate hiking boots and bring what you need for a lovely day out (water, sunscreen, phone with the inaturalist app ready to use!)

This Sunday, coinciding with World Rivers' Day, we will meet on Indian River Road at the entrance to the hike.

To get there: travel highway 7 to Melrose, turn east onto Melrose-Country Harbour Rd and follow for 4 km until the turn right onto Indian River Rd. Travel just shy of 5km, we will be parked at that spot (drive slowly! it's bumpy!)

After the hike, you're welcome to join us at the St. Mary's River Association Interpretive Centre, on highway 7 near Sherbrooke, where we will be celebrating World Rivers Day with a BBQ and many awesome demonstrations and info.

Hope you can join us!

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25. syyskuuta 2021

-UPDATE- #2 Bioblitz, NEW DATE OCT 2

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, the weather is looking pretty dicey tomorrow, the trail becomes quite boggy and floods with the rain, because of this we have decided to put off the Archibald Lake hike and bioblitz until this upcoming Saturday, October 2nd at 10am - if it's still a rainy one next Saturday we'll play it by ear, though with the right gear it can still be a lovely wet wander!

The inaturalist polygon: Archibald Lake - Guysborough County is an open project to add any observations if you'd like to head down there on your own time. Check us out on twitter and instagram @ArchibaldLake for updates and news. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

See you next Saturday, we hope you can make it and let's hope for a fine day for our accompanying artists and a bit less soggy!


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