Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle tammikuu 2017

18. tammikuuta 2017

Target species / January 2017

12 days left of January. Main target is to see the Norwegian Rat, which should be easy anywhere in this planet. But not here where I live... it's population is very small in Valkeakoski, only solitary rats around the town and they don't come out until very late night or extremely early morning. So, I will wake up some morning really early, maybe 4 am and go to chase them...

Secondary targets are Eurasian Lynx, Red Fox and Raccoon Dog. Oh, and also hibernating Northern Bat, if I have time.

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22. tammikuuta 2017

Eurasian Harvest Mouse

I did a birding trip by mountain bike today, temperature about -1° C, calm and only some clouds, very nice winter weather. Mammals in mind too, naturally, but not very seriously in a bright, sunny, winter day. Two Eurasian Red Squirrels were on my feeding place and I thought it would be the only mammal observation today. My destination was a feeding place of my friend in lake shore, with a hide to photograph birds. I sat down in hide, took some photos of birds when I noticed something moving under the feeders in ground. Some rodent, but what? I changed my camera to my binos and got the ID: Eurasian Harvest Mouse, almost exactly in same spot as a year ago. Have to come back later this winter and try to get a decent photo of it.

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