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25. syyskuuta 2021


I found this rabbit during my 45 minute walk around campus. It is a rabbit.

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30. syyskuuta 2021

My First Nature Walk (9/29/21)

From 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm on September 29 2021, I walked to the Chestnut Hill reservoir to do my first nature walk. It was a brisk fall afternoon with the weather in the mid 50s with the sun just piercing out of the clouds in the sky. I went on the walk with no idea what I was going to see. Considering the weather was decent out, I figured that the birds and mammals have not migrated and hibernated respectively. Which I was right. I saw quite a few birds which included a bunch of Canada Geese, a swan and a duck. They seem to all be grouped in the same family when I put them in my observations. They must have all come from a recent common ancestor. I also saw a chipmunk (as well as a squirrel which I could not take a picture of). There is likely competition for food as the geese, chipmunk and squirrel all eat acorns. I decided to include the Maple Tree because fall is coming and I want to see this tree change its colors in a future journal entry.

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