Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle lokakuu 2021

lokakuu 5, 2021

Nature Walk October 5th

From 12:15 pm to about 1:00 pm on October 5th 2021, I walked to the Chestnut Hill reservoir to do my "fungi" nature walk. It was a cold misty fall afternoon with the weather in the mid 50s with the sun nowhere to be found. It was misting rain throughout the walk, and the day for that matter. I went on the walk thinking that it would be really hard to find fungi. But after only a few minutes, I saw quite a few different types of mushrooms. All of these mushrooms are considered fungi which are a part of the Eukarya domain.
The Eukarya domain is the ONLY domain which contains multicellular organisms. Mushrooms consists of millions of cells which put them distinctly in the Eukarya category. Mushrooms also have membrane bound organelles which only the Eukarya domain has. What I thought was most interesting was that mushrooms and humans have extremely similar DNA. There are only a few changes that make us humans and them mushrooms. It just goes to show that all organisms in the Eukarya domain are all closely related. Mushrooms also feed on organic matter which makes them a heterotroph, as they get their energy from Carbon and Hydrogen compounds.

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lokakuu 20, 2021

October 19, 2021

For this nature walk, this was the first walk where the weather turned to fall. It was in the mid 50s with a slight breeze. The sun was behind clouds the entire time. It was a stereotypical fall day. The leaves on the trees were just beginning to either change color or fall off the branch entirely. I tried to find and identify all 4 types of plants on this walk. It was easy to identify the Bryophyta and Angiosperms as I know what both moss and flowers look like. Other than moss, I had no idea if a plant was a Polypodiosida or a Bryophyta. The Gymnosperms were also hard to tell apart from the Angiosperms at first as well. Without looking closely at the plant, it is impossible to tell if the flowering plant had a seed. While for both of these issues for me came up, at the end of the day I thought I had found all four different types of plants. Even though my allergies may have spiked on this walk, I found it really interesting and kind of fun to tell plants apart from each other.

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