Päiväkirja-arkisto kohteelle helmikuu 2018

helmikuu 6, 2018

100 more species now have photos!

As part of my observations from Costa Rica, I've been keeping a list of firsts for any species that were not previously listed or photographed on iNat. Today I just hit 100 species!

The guest of honor is Eois fasciata.

The list is still growing daily as I keep adding observations and getting help from others with IDs. I could not have found these IDs on my own, so I want to extend a BIG thanks to @claudioflamigni for his ongoing help (not just with my observations, but so many others too!) Combining my "citizen" and his "science" is what iNaturalist is all about!

There are still 340+ unidentified and another 1500 pictures to upload, so the potential exists for so many more!

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