Nathaniel Levia Kuraattori

Liittynyt: heinä 31, 2020 Viimeksi aktiivinen: touko 26, 2024

About Me
I am a senior entomology major at the University of Delaware. I am interested in the systematics of Fulgoromorpha (Planthoppers). I also have an interest in the beetle families Curculionidae and Carabidae. My current focus is trying to learn the genus Eupholus (Curculionidae), and Flatidae of the Caribbean, and Central America.

I work in the University of Delaware Insect Research Collection (UDCC), under Dr. Charles R Bartlett (@delphax), on my project sinking the genus Pseudoflatoides Metcalf into the genus Atracodes Melichar. I also take images of specimens in the collection, these images can be found on the account @udel-hoppers. I work on digitization in the collection, and have worked on curating the Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, and Curculionidae in the collection.

Current Projects

  • Taxonomic work on Flatoidini in the Caribbean region
  • New state records of Carabidae in Delaware

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