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Obsessed with nature for as long as I could remember. Absolutely all facets of the natural world interest me and I love it all. A common dialog that I encounter:

Me: "Oh wow, Asclepias tuberosa! That's one of my favorite flowers!"
Other person: " say that about every flower."

I love using iNaturalist for learning about different organisms (especially ones not familiar to me), seeing their range maps, and cataloging them for my personal records. I also hope my observations can help the scientific community and aid in nature conservation in any way possible, which is always my top priority.

For a number of years I have been working within the extensive NYC parks system doing various horticultural work in multiple boroughs. As of late I have been employed at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, where modern ecological horticulture is a priority. One of my main projects within iNaturalist is cataloging the biodiversity within the park. This is an exciting task, as Brooklyn Bridge Park is a relatively new green-space (that incorporates many native plants in the landscape), so it is interesting to see which species take refuge within it. I see it as a verdant little oasis nestled in a vast concrete jungle.

My other mission is to catalog biodiversity within my home borough of Staten Island, location of some of the last true wild places in NYC. The Staten Island Greenbelt is very near and dear to my heart.

Always embracing the spirit of mushitori 虫取り

"To know Mother Nature, is to love her smallest creations." -Takashi Amano

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