Chris Harrison Kuraattori

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I am a naturalist with a lifelong interest in herps and have been an avid birder for 30+ years.
I am a big believer in the value of citizen science projects such as this and am an active contributor to Inaturalist as well as the the international Herpmapper database ( and Ebird (

Beyond just my general herp interest, I am also very interested in recording and documenting amphibian calls. I maintain a blog where I keep my frog call recordings and information about frog species. I have some entries that compare recordings of similar species in my area (South/Central Texas) and beyond ( If you want to learn a bit about frog calls in our area, give it a look.

On iNaturalist:

  • I am a Curator for the classes Reptilia and Amphibia.
  • I run a few collection projects for some local parks / refuges.
  • I manage a project attempting to follow reports of escaped/established populations of Spurred Tortoises in North America.
  • I am one of the managers on the Audio Observations from Around the World Project where I (try) to identify frog calls from around the world.
  • But the project that first attracted me first iNaturalist was Texas Parks and Wildlife's Herps of Texas Project . I enjoy the process of curating records in the project. It is amazing how much I learn from other people's records even after 40+ years of herping in Texas.

Professionally, I am currently an Associate Professor of Biology at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas.


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