2 days and some hours, Mapleton 14PA45 and an overview of how the event works

Mapleton 14PA45 is located in the RM of Rockwood, the Municipality of St Andrews and the City of Selkirk. The Red River crosses the southeast corner of the square with the Floodway joining in just north of Lockport Provincial Park. Small holdings and suburban lots predominate close to the river; agriculture dominates elsewhere.

At the time of posting, 2,735 observations had been uploaded by 42 observers. 598 species have been identified with the most frequently observed organism the American Red Squirrel with 143 observations. 255 species of insects have been identified and 175 species of plants. The survey for the Breeding Bird Atlas of Manitoba confirmed 20 bird species nesting here, with another 60 species probable or possible. Here's the full list.

Here's some notes from the recent global organizers meeting....

The City Nature Challenge starts at 12:01 am April 30 YOUR TIME and ends at 11:59 pm May 3 YOUR TIME. So it will start (and end) FIRST in New Zealand and start (and end) LAST in Hawaii

All observations and species will count for your city, including “Needs ID” and “Casual” (if you’ve included casual grade in your project) ones!... But please help us mark clearly captive/cultivated organisms

All observations must be MADE between April 30 & May 3, but they can be uploaded later (but must be uploaded by May 10 at 9am YOUR TIME to count)

People DO NOT need to join your project or add their observations to your project - they will automatically aggregate

Identifications can happen throughout the full City Nature Challenge window, up until your results are pulled (they can keep happening afterwards of course, they just won’t count for the CNC!)

The global organizers make their totals based on each event's results as of 9am on Monday, May 10 in the place the event is held. The last event to report will be Maui which crosses that finish line at 2pm our time. Once they send me their report, I will post it here in the project journal.

Happy observing!

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