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Hi everyone,

Another great week last week, with plenty of observations - I'm sure the Sun finally making an appearance in Wales helped a lot!

We also ran our first two events, one in the Science Garden at Glyndŵr University and one at Groundwork's Plas Power nature reserve in Tanyfron. It was fantastic to see young children attending these events and experiencing nature in a new way - each child that attended was given a magnifying class and collection pot, and it was brilliant watching them take their time to explore and look at habitats closely. This project is all about education and enjoyment, so this really was awesome.

Observation highlights from these events include many bushes absolutely teeming with alder beetles (they have a wonderful metallic blue lustre) and a cricket! We've also had some great observations from America this week - I particularly like the jumping spiders with their awesome patterns!

I've just attended an environmental communicators conference with the Natural History Consortium. A lot of the talks focussed on increasing participation in environmental communication and research, and the importance of authentic, fun, inclusive, and accessible projects in this mission. I think Wild Watch has made a really good start along these lines, so I want to say a huge DIOLCH YN FAWR to everyone for all your work so far! You're really making a difference, not only by providing important scientific data, but by showing others how wildlife spotting really is a fun and easy activity that anyone can get involved with.

Looking forward to seeing what we find this week!

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