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heinäkuu 13, 2016

July 12 -- Quail Hollow flower survey, general wandering

Did a flower survey for work at Quail Hollow. The diversity of blooming plants and the overall numbers of flowers has declined noticeably since last month and is dramatically lessened compared to two months ago.

Butterflies seemed more common than earlier in the season, especially on the Corethrogyne, which is one of the few species in peak bloom.

I saw two whiptails in a couple hours, both in hot, sandy trailsides near manzanita chaparral. Their weird jerky movements before they actually take off at full speed are really interesting. Does this style of movement scare bugs out of the duff?

My desire to see a Phrynosoma grows stronger. I wonder if there are any still left in northern Santa Cruz County? My guess is that they are still in the Pajaro hills somewhere, maybe in the Star Creek Ranch/Soda Lake area.

Dragonfly diversity is picking up. Wandering Gliders, Black Saddlebags, Cardinal Meadowhawks, Flame Skimmers... I just got Manolis' book and got and updated version of Alex Rinkert's list of QH odonates. Now to learn me some.

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