Just over 1 day to go!

Hello all!

Thanks for joining our project and if you haven’t, please feel free to join :)
We've got some beautiful spring weather currently and over the next few days. So, I'd like to share again some of the wonderful biodiversity that has been captured across Maroondah in the past week!
Currently we are sitting on 5,672 observations for "Nature in Maroondah", I wonder if we can hit over 6000 by Monday the 25th with the help of the Great Southern BioBlitz? That would be excellent.

If you have any friends of family around Maroondah, please share the messaging about the BioBlitz. It's such a valuable citizen science event and incredibly enjoyable if I say so myself.

Here's some great observations from Maroondah!
Thanks to @awmccutcheon, @iandb, @elhar4, @timothy162 , @seedygirl, @zest4life, @widebrownland, @markiemark , @suz1966 and @bbdown

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo in Croydon by @awmccutcheon

Salmon Sun-Orchid in Heathmont by @iandb

Pied Currawong in Heathmont by @elhar4

Fungus in Bayswater North by @timothy162

Australian King Parrot in Appletree Hill Reserve by @seedygirl

Fungus in Bayswater North by @zest4life

Spider species in Maroondah area by @widebrownland * this needs identifcation so help if you can!*

Tawny Frogmouth in Woodland Park, Croydon South by @suz1966

Grass Triggerplant in Ringwood by @markiemark

Pied Currawong in Dandenong Creek trail by @bbdown

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